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Astrid designed our living room and entrance after I had a lot of difficulties myself finding the right interiors. I was really impressed by her beautiful and practical way of arranging our furniture - adding it with a little extra here and there. She immediately understood what is important for for us and I am very happy with the new design. And the best thing: the new design was also affordable! Her plan was beautiful, easy to understand and she even listed the furniture and where to buy it. On top Astrid is very friendly and open and pleasurable to work with. I plan to consult her again when I have any interior issue. I would recommend Astrid to anybody who needs an interior consultant. Thank you dear Astrid for your help in our home. I am very thankful for your work!

Claudia Eben

Owner at Training, Coaching Consulting / Consulting Livingroom


Our experience working with Astrid is outstanding. We had worked with her before on a different project and so we did not hesitate to ask her again when we had a big project coming up: expanding our office with another floor and completely re-designing the way we worked and adjusting the design of the floors accordingly.

Astrid was very enthusiastic about the whole idea and after listening carefully to us about our plans and wishes started straightaway and came up with ideas how the new floors should look. Of course, in the process of such a huge undertaking we wanted things differently sometimes but Astrid always smiled her big smile and said she would take care of it. And she did.

Her extensive knowledge about all the available items regarding office furniture and her contacts in this world, makes her a source of invaluable knowledge. For every problem we encountered during our project, Astrid would find a solution. Her never ending energy and her adaptability to change things are her strong points as well as her open-mindedness towards feedback.

She makes your project her ‘baby’ and cares for it until it is grown up and ready to let go. We now have an office where everybody feels at home but is yet very practical to work in.

We found working with Astrid a real pleasure and would certainly ask her again if we have another project!

Mijke van Breda

Head of Shared Services INGKA Foundation


I am always surprised by the creativity of Astrid. She knows how to make the most boring spaces into a surprising layout that she often makes very special with basic furniture and also creates a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, Astrid is a pleasant person to work with!

Saskia du Bois - Schuetz

Business owner


Astrid’s company has developed an absolutely amazing concept for our canteen that had very little to be proud of. With her connections with IKEA she managed to design and deliver a complete make over at a very low budget. Simply amazing. Everyone now loves the space and uses it with pleasure. Much better for the mind. Thank you!

Govert F Deketh

General Manager at the London Marriott Hotel County Hall


We bought our apartment in its original state (dating 1938) in 2009 and had some vague ideas about how to bring it up to today's standards. Astrid helped us translating our ideas as well as making them affordable, and practical. Where necessary, she offered alternatives that were more appropriate. We are very happy with the results. We asked her to help us transform our guest bedroom into a nursery this year, and again, it is functional, beautiful and we stayed well within budget. Perfect from start to finish!

Ariane Bonke

House owner / variouse remodelings 


Astrid is a highly competence Interior Designer who listens well to clients/customers needs and creates inspirational solutions according to individual or company. She is invovative, reliable and a team player.

Prangtip Geismar

Principal Director at ARDENT Contemporary GmbH


I don't normally do recommendations but Astrid did such a fabulous job designing our associate dining area this year I thought I had to say great job! Staff love it and everyone from corporate who visit just say wow! Thank you Astrid

Gordon Ormond

Director of Engineering at Grosvenor House, A JW Marriott Hotel


Astrid works from the perspective of the end user. That works for us as hotelier very pleasant because her designs are not only distinctive and beautiful to look at, but also very functional. We have enjoyed working with Astrid. She has made a good inventory of our needs and translated them into a preliminary design. After it was discussed and revised, we have chosen a final design. Astrid eventually was also present at the implementation to ensure that the end result turns out as good as the design. I can recommend it without a doubt!

Edo Garretsen

General Manager / WestCord Hotel Delft


Astrid is a very engaged and creative interior designer who understands the customer and his needs. The task for Astrid was difficult: convert a 1980's building to a hip, fresh and welcome environment for entrepreneurs and small businesses. By designing in 3D and being very cost effective, Astrid overachieved task we had set for her. Within budget and better than we had dared believing, Astrid made it possible. Take a look at the company website for a look and feel.

Michiel van Putten



Astrid had been asked to re-style the staff room of the school. She patiently listened to all problems, wishes and suggestions of the teaching staff, as well as that of the management. Within the set timeline she presented a professional and creative solution to the constraints and incorporated all last minute wishes easily.

During the execution of the first phase of reconstruction, she closely supervised the work and helped where she could..

Her eye for detail without loosing the overall view makes her a very professional

and pleasant person to work with. I recommend her services without any reservation.

Ulrich Munstermann

Head of administration during the project Deutsche Internationale Schule Den Haag


Astrid has taken over this design task with the appropriate decisiveness, with respect for the building and with a feeling for the intended use!

J.C. van Dongen

Head of Real Estate, Municipality of Delft / Office design


I worked with Astrid from UPGREAT to get some ideas visualized into drawings that were understandable for people.

Astrid took the project on as the interior designer of 3400m2 of office remodeling. She did a fantastic job in creating a fantastic environment for working with loads of surprising elements on the 4 different floors. All her ideas were presented in 3-dimensional drawings, which made it easy for the co-workers to understand and made it much easier for me to do my job.

Thank you for helping me out and making my job a bit easier. Hope we going to do some more projects in the future.

Dario Martina

Martina Project Management / Office reconstruction


Having heard about the great ability of UP-GREAT to convert a space into a pleasant and logistic wise area, I decided to contact Astrid. I had rented a property and wanted to convert it into a restaurant.

The only problem was that the restaurant is located in Ibiza, Spain, and my budget did not for see Astrid to come over. We decided to do a "distance" job, I sent photo's and some sketches, and was amazed of how well Astrid visualized the whole new restaurant, giving important information on how many guests it could hold, the routing, the eye catchers,placing the furniture, etc... even the logo sprung from her mind. She gave us the possibility to see how certain colors would go,

UP-GREAT did an excellent job, and her designs even helped in acquiring a loan from a bank.

Menno Sieswerda

Director Restaurant COMO Ibiza / Restaurant concept


I have worked with Astrid on numerous in-store projects and find her professional, organized, detail-oriented and extremely dedicated. She works very hard and really cares about what she does. She is interested in and open to feedback and suggestions for her projects. She cares about the people she works with and is considerate and fun. I have learned a lot working with Astrid.

Lee Smith

Global head of commerce, Kantar


With her experience Astrid has the capability to show the possibilities of a residence.She is able to show the future. Really clever!

Jeroen Bouwman

Director real estate agency /


Time to change! This motto has Astrid picked up for us and came up with a very cool design which made it tangible. Not just beautiful but also very well thought through - we were thrilled. A such a result after only one take in appointment really surprised us. Now it is time for implementation!

Thomas Kirsch

House owner / Reconstruction living room and kitchen


When I saw Astrid's project, I was shocked: I was so "me"!

I had the feeling my living room was finally reflecting my personality. 

And this was done without throwing anything away... just adding some small touches (lamps, plants, candles...), organizing the existing furniture differently and putting few new ones (side tables, coffee table...).  
- Astrid told me which material would fit the best to my living room (wood, glass...), which form (square side tables, round coffee table) and which style (especially how to have modern and antique pieces fit together). 
This was exactly what I was looking for... 
- Astrid is very good at using light to create an atmosphere and to give each part of the big living room (almost 50 square meters) its own identity.

Anne-Laure Gall

House owner / Face lift kitchen and living room


After my successful cooperation with Astrid, I asked her to give some input to a couple who wanted to extend their private home. Again she had some good ideas and made it really understandable for the couple how the end result would look. Because of her drawings and ideas the couple is going ahead with the remodeling.

Dario Martina

Martina Project Management / House remodeling

Dario Martina

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