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"more than just an office"

Office concept, interior design,
project support and styling


The office expanded from one to two floors.
One part of t he task was the establishment of an “Activity Based Working” environment.
The assignment was to facilitate change management workshops, interior design, project support and styling.
A warm and philanthropic atmosphere, reflecting the mission and identity of the core business was the aim.

"New ways of working"

A major office reconstruction, according to activity related working principle

(New ways of working).

3200 m2 office contains 4 floors, devided into a reception area, a cafe' area with drop-off facilities, a meeting room section and two office floors.
Many different facilities invite to choose the prefered setting for the right kind of work activety.

Office concept, interior design, project support and styling


Office concept, interior design,
project support and styling



A flex working office concept for freelancers and self employed who want to network, rent meeting rooms or meet business contacts. The little budget challenged all parties but also led to great solutions. Striving for a warm and welcoming feeling; rather a home than an office. A place, created to inspire people.

"Work hard, play harder"

Staff restaurant concept & interior design


For most people a hotel is a nice place to relax and enjoy. For the people working in a hotel it is sometimes a hard job.
In order to give their co-workers a little oasis to gather some energy, A big hotel chain did assinged UPGEAT to come up with an interior concept for one of their hotels in Cologne/ Germany, which is functional, easy to realize and with a more cozy impression. We hope that all the hard working people are going to enjoy their new place!

"mounten glow"

Art impressions and interior concept

of an Austrian vacation home

Creating an environment for people to experience a nice and relaxing holiday is a pleasure.
Doing this for a client who really cares for it guests and want to invest in a surrounding which listens to the requirements, needs and wishes of people who want to enjoy the nicest time of the year is special! 
In this chalet, in the middle of the beautiful Alps, people can stay in a modern interior with all facilities to make it a wonderful stay!

"Campus Life"

Interior concept for international student acommondations


Studying is much more than just learning. Especially if this means to move abroad. To accommodate international students we were ask to develop some apartment units which suit to the demands of this target group: Functional and cosy, colorful and with a twinkle. A home far away from family and friends. 

"Behind the curtains" 

Project summery of vaious hotel
"Back of the house" projects

"Everyone has the employees they deserve" - But do the employees have the workspace they deserve?
Places like staff restaurants, meeting rooms and offices are more than just a work inviroment, they become more and more the reason for talented people to decide to take on a new position in a company or, even worse, to leave. Attract talents and keep them...and we do our best to support you with this challenge!


Worked for

Service Centre
TU Delft
Event styling
Westcord Hotel
Event styling
IKEA Foundation
Offices / Leiden / NL
Office Amsterdam
Marriot Group
Interior Concepts
Back of
house areas
...and many more!
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Office Amsterdam
Interior concept
De Compagnie 
Office building
Interior concept,
project support,
project styling
van Foreest
Living rooms inhabitants
Sales Department
Inter IKEA
Systems B.V.
Various Projects
 United Nations Support Office 
Concept design
Home staging / Delft
School Den Haag
Teachers Room
School Mensa
Bhartyia City
Bangalore / India
Model apartments
Gemeente Delft
Metropol office
Concept majors room
historical city hall
Ocean Green
Beach Villas /
Accra Ghana
Model bungalow


"Every interior project is unique and that is how we treat each one.
We will work closely together with you to develop tailor-made solutions that take your personal preferences into account along with the best-possible methods."

UPGREAT founder Astrid Harding-Voss has more than 30 years of experience in the field of interior design. Her knowledge is enriched with years of experience related to furniture retailing, business operations and project management.

Astrid lives in Delft, The Netherlands and works together with an international network of partners and clients.


People and human needs are the focus of her approach to interior design.
She believes that each solution should be as unique as the person she designs it for. 

Her focus is always on the people who will live and/or work in the space.

- Functional, not extravagant.
- Simple, not complicated.
- Smart and efficient, not excessive.
- Surprising, not conventional.
- Personal, not for everybody.


Let's move...

April 29, 2020

Boxes, boxes, boxes....the brand new office is ready to move in...all we need now are people in the office to unpack those boxes.
In the meantime the office project proceed with the remodeling of the next floor....to be continued!

Behind the curtains

April 07, 2020

Office rebuild behind the curtains: At a very, very quiet site we bring in the last details... in this case a small cooperation seating. It is a strange but somehow nice feeling to create a new work environment for people, who work from home for a very long time right now, and to give them a warm welcome and hopefully some nice surprises when the come back....in a brand new activity based working office!

Under costruction

March 09, 2020

Work in progress! Always exiting if the result of workshops, discussions, briefing, designing and planning becomes reality!
1000m2 activity based working office is taking shape! To be continued!....

More colour is more fun

January 26, 2020

Redo a locker room is not what comes to mind when thinking of exiting interiors. But we are proud to transform this locker room of a 4 star hotel in London into a happy place to start and end the workday for hard working people. Truly a sassy, savvy space!

Office project in progress

October 28, 2019

New office project in progress. Two floors, 1000m2 in total, will be converted from a common open space office to an activity based working space! It is very gratifying to not only provide a design but also to guide the whole changing process with advise and workshops. More to come soon!

Up-Great in Budapest

October 13, 2019

Our latest staff restaurant project was successfully implemented at a 4 star hotel in Budapest.

Staff and management are very happy and enjoying the time off now in an pleasant and relaxing surrounding. Thanks for the lovely photos! 

Mountain Glow

September 12, 2019

Creating an environment for people to experience a nice and relaxing holiday is a pleasure. Doing this for a client who really cares for it guests and want to invest in a surrounding which listens to the requirements, needs and wishes of people who want to enjoy the nicest time of the year is just great! 
In this chalet, in the middle of the beautiful Alps, people can stay in a modern interior with all facilities to make it a wonderful stay at Alpin Chalet Leutasch!

Workshop for new work environment

August 13, 2019

Changing an office space to a flex office, or better activity based working space, causes most of the time quite some tension for the employees. Therefore we offer workshops for the whole team to participate in the design and briefing process! This gives us designer valuable insights and helps the staff to own their new office from the very first design draft! 

From "Back of house" to "Heard of house"

July 02, 2019

We proudly present our latest project in Warsaw. The staff canteen, hallways and meeting room of a 5 star hotel got a complete make over. Now the employees enjoy same nice environment as their guest do! Well deserved! 

Bye bye 2018...you have been amazing! Welcome 2019!

December 30, 2018

It is the wild ride you remember for the rest of your life. The year 2018 was definitely one of those rides!

Thank you to all clients, partners and patient family members who made this possible! Let's see what challenges 2019 will offer us...we are ready to take them on!

Movie worlds or: Business meeting at a cinema

September 11, 2018

Most meeting rooms look pretty much the same, they are simply functional.

But what if you want an inspiring environment for the next team workshop?

A well known cinema chain in The Netherlands asked us to develop a interior concept for meeting rooms connected to film themes.

What a wonderful challenge!

What do you think, could this be THE location for your next meeting? 

May the force be with you! 

Pick-nick in Vienna

April 08, 2018

A five star hotel in Vienna gave their employees a new refurbished staff restaurant that reminds much more on the famous parks in Vienna than an ordinary canteen.

This is how a lunch break turns into a pick-nick! Enjoy!

Vietnam meets Scandinavia

February 12, 2018

It was an amazing challenge to develop three interior concepts in three different price levels for new build apartments for an real estate company in Hanoi / Vietnam, who wanted to furnish this apartments with furniture of a big, Swedish homefunishing retailer. 

Bringing cultures together is always a pleasure and an interesting journey.

We keep you posted!

Small office- big impact

November 07, 2017

Never underestimate the impact of an office design to people working hard the whole day. 
Even a small space can have a set-set up which supports big ideas!

This office and meeting space of just 24 square-meter became, with very little effort and ergonomically but stylish furniture, a fantastic work environment and a 3D company card. This all for a small budget... that's what we call an up-great! 

Forbes Magazine appearance

October 09, 2017

Earlier this year we reported about our real estate project in Kazakhstan. Now The Forbes published an article mentioning this project and even showed some pictures, We can't be more happy to see that the project is such a success! Please find the whole article here: https://forbes.kz/process/property/pochemu_ryinok_kommercheskoy_nedvijimosti_uje_ne_budet_prejnim

Breakfast at the runway

September 28, 2017

Probably you have had once breakfast on a plane but also once on a runway? The employees of a hotel at the Charles de Gaulle Airport/Paris will have this excitement from now on every day! The interior design links in form, color and decoration to the close buy airport... light, airy, modern and functional. We hope you guys will take off after every break! 

Remote controle

July 01, 2017

Yes, it is done! Two apartments, planned on distance, have been implemented in far, far away Kazakhstan. It is always a challenge to design places you never visited yourself... but is is unbelievably rewarding to receive finally pictures from a satisfied client! We like! 

Hotel room face lift

May 07, 2017

Maximum result for a minimum budget: A nice, little business hotel in Bern / Switzerland challenged us with the task to give their rooms a modern and fresh look by keeping all key elements, such as bed, bathroom, wardrobe etc.. The result was not only very cost efficient, it leads also to very positive guest reviews! 

London calling

April 16, 2017

Two very different Londoner hotels have been calling for help with their staff restaurants. No problem, with lots of pleasure we gave both restaurants an "UP-Great", considering of course the style, history and location of both hotels. As different as they are, they have something in common: very happy employees! 

Back to paper

March 28, 2017

With our marketing tools we keep it as we do with our room concepts: We try to keep it in balance. On the occasion, that we have been invited to an international event, we decided it is just right to create an "off-line" tool to meet potential clients. This little flyer made it's way round the world! 

Take a break

March 05, 2017

The best credit of your work are happy faces of your clients. It seems, our design for this staff restaurant of a 5 star hotel just next to the famous VW-factory made some people happy and will help them to enjoy their breaks even more. Enjoy! 

Go east

February 22, 2017

A little glimpse on our latest project in Kazakhstan: Four fully furnished apartments designed for the booming capital Astana! Two independent projects will offer wonderful apartments for very different target groups and with well designed layouts. Hopefully many people will be inspired to imagine their future home there. 

Office Trends 2017

November 01, 2016

We visited Orgatec, the international fair for office furniture and want to share some impressions with you. Our conclusion: Flexible work places, many acoustic material, hide away's or box in box solution, felt, pastel colours, round shapes and.... many, many alternatives to the well known desks....

Small Space Living

August 28, 2016

There is a constant growing need for small space living, also in Germany. We developed a furnishing concept for apartments with an average size of 25m2, suitable for single persons, students and temporary living. An historical building will be transformed into 34 small units, fully furnished and ready to move in. We hope that many people will find a new, pleasant home in there! 

Back to the roots

July 18, 2016

Latest assingment brought us back to our roots of retail design. We did some design and styling work for a well-known furniture retailer in Zwolle, the Netherlands. Thank you for the assingment and a great teamwork! 

Plantage office or: Where avocados grow

May 09, 2016

From the middle of Africa we received the wish of an funktional and modern office environment. A team of ambitious people running a plantage for avocados, lychees and macadamia nuts in Mozambique. Considering the circumstances of climate, tasks and of course the products produced, we created a office in an modular structure to serve their requirements but also to bring some colour and some fun into their work-life! All funiture are on the way to africa right now and we can't wait to see the first fotos of the final result!

A hotel experiment

March 08, 2016

They call it the "Underground" at Marriott International in Bethesta / Washington, a place to evaluate mock up rooms with guests, discuss with partners and experiment with new concepts. We had the chance to get a little inside of it...a great experience and honor!

All about Robots

January 31, 2016

A show stage for their robots, that's what Robo Valley, an instutute of the TU Delft,We wanted to create for the TUSExpo2016 in the Wo rld Trade Center in Den Haag. We supported them with a booth layout and during the build up... with pleasure and many red dots!

Happy Birthday UPGREAT

January 10, 2016

Five years ago, UPGREAT started its journey to create rooms for people and their needs, wishes, dreams and budgets. Thank you all who supported us with their trust, their networks, advise and of course, assignments! There's so much  more to come!

Historical lounge

January 03, 2016

First assingment this year: we will take care of some public areas at the historical building of the formal artillery storage. This building is under reconstruction to host in the future BUCCANEER DELFT, an energy and offshore accelerator for young companies. Looking forward to bring history and future together!


October 12, 2015

Our strength is to translate human needs into clever interior concepts. This time it was all about robotics! With pleasure and lots of fun we supported the International Master Class Robotics, hosted by the Westcord Hotel in Delft, The Netherlands. Planning and styling of this event was a great experience. A nice example how a technical event can look like....dare to be different! 

Time to relax

October 08, 2015

Hotel business is a hard one. We created with a lots of pleasure a new staff restaurant for a Hotel in Cologne / Germany in order to create a place for the emplojees to meet, eat and relax. Many happy faces were a great reward!

Inspiration hunting

September 30, 2015

Today we put the " Out of office" sign at our door and went to the rough side of Amsterdam, the NDSM shipyard to see an exciting space where creative people create a very special place....

Dutch trends

September 28, 2015

The VT-Woonen Beurs is the biggest consumer fair around home - furnishing and - decoration within the Netherlands. We visited the fair in Amsterdam to gather some inspiration and get updated about the latest trends...

Living for ONE

December 04, 2014

Construction company Heijmans in Rosmalen has invented something new. A ready home for singles who want to live affortable  in the city where we see  a big shortag. The house that The Heijmans ONE is built up within 24 hours and is easy to also move on just two trucks. To learn more about the product, Heijmans did invite a person for a three month test living. We had the honor to furnish her temporary home!

The red carpet

April 14, 2014

Very nice article in a local newspaper concerning our office project "De Compagnie" in Rijswijk, Netherlands....great feeling that everyone enjoys our design!!

UPGREAT goes Russia

September 03, 2013

We have had the great pleasure to give a training concerning colors and patterns within an interior in Russia. Starting with an inspiring picture-brainstorm and closing with all happy faces....we are looking back to one exiting week with very enthusiastic participants! Thank you!

UPGREAT in the local news

March 11, 2012

The local newspaper of the hometown of UPGREAT's founder Astrid Harding-Voss has published an article about her journey with UPGREAT. We are proud to share it with you! 

Same, same but different!

April 10, 2011

It is always exciting to be involved in ambitious projects; but to furnish about 3000 apartments in a new township in Bangalore, India is quite a challenge. This concept to residential living is unique in India and will create housing which is affordable by using innovative design and furnishing solutions.  
In order to understand the specific needs, wishes and dreams of the Indian people,we facilitated a focus group workshop in Bangalore. Many differences but many similarities are visible too:  Men dream about a separate room for media entertainment and women can never have enough shoe storage... Same, same but different!

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