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10 great years of UPGREAT(s)

For 10 years we have been able to upgrade all kinds of rooms around the world.

Because: „We love to bring your rooms to life “

As numerous as the places and the people we worked for, the assignments were as diverse.

We think it is about time to tell a little more about all this adventures, challenges and our findings!

The redesign of office areas and staff canteens has become a focal point, but we have also been able to leave our “foot-steps” in model apartments, holiday parks, UN accommodation, event locations, student apartments and even in a teachers room.

In numerous briefing calls, project meetings and workshops it became clear to everyone involved that interior consulting and design is much more than just furnishing and decorating rooms.

The best reward for a successful project is a satisfied customer reaction and the fact that quite some of our clients became “repeat offenders”. It gives you the good feeling that you have done a lot of things right!

In the future, we want to use our new "Upgreat Blog" to report on trends, examples from practice for practice and also to touch topics as increasing employee turnover, different ways of working, flexible workplaces, furniture Leasing, as well as the amortization of your investments. You will wonder how much all this is linked to interior design!

Stay tuned!

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