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A virus paralyzes the world. Let's make a virtue out of necessity.

Use free up time now to plan for the future; together with us!

The Corona virus has been occupying the media and has an enormous impact on the economy and daily life.

Almost all kind of businesses are affected, especially in industries where people are the main players, every meeting, workshop and gathering is currently cancelled or at least questioned.

It is justified to worry whether a planned project should be kicked off or can be carried out in time in budget.

“Why should we invest now? ”

Viewed soberly and far from any hysteria, there will be a time after Corona. It can be assumed that the lack of orders, bookings and revenue losses will be a temporary phenomenon.

Therefore, both, the time and the available resources should be used right now to prepare for the time when the order situation will pick up again.

“Are there any risks for our company to start up a project in this time?”

A clear statement: No!

This statement is based on the way we carry out projects. Our projects have the advantage that the design phase can usually be done completely remotely.

This means that there is no need for physical presence on site either for the analysis, the elaboration or the briefing.

“Do you have the necessary expertise in the implementation of remote projects?”

A very clear "yes!" Worldwide we have carried out most of our projects exactly in this way and successfully completed them. It is not only very convenient and safe in these times, it also safes costs on traveling and time. This includes projects like:

· Employee canteens for 20-200 people

· Offices for hotels, foundations and companies

· Lounge and changing rooms

On you get an impression of what can be done remotely and that we have the necessary experience to manage projects of various sizes.

“Sound good, what should I do?”

Feel free to contact us. In a first phone call, we clarify all framework conditions and key data. Based on the outcome we promptly prepare an offer so that we can get started quickly.

We are happy to think with you about all kind of possible setups!

... and the most important thing: stay healthy!!!

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